Xmen: Days of Future Past

Is Days of Future Past the best XMEN Film?

Well, is it the best Xmen film so far?  Nope!  Ok, well that sounds harsh but I am ok with giving it a close 2nd place behind first class.  I can give a million reasons for feeling that way, one obvious one being Mathew Vaughn just "gets" superheros much better than Brian Singer.  And you don't need a complicated explanation when the most obvious flaws are right there on the surface...black leather...ugh.

Here we are again back in black leather.  The moment I saw the trailer I knew it had all the hallmark trappings of a Singer Xmen film.  Same old tired retread of the American Civil Rights metaphor, check!  Dragging accomplished actors back into the superhero low-points of their careers, check!  And of course, black leather.  A group of human beings with vastly different special abilities from all races and cultures reduced to dressing like a badly under-funded WB superheros.  And yet, here we are again and it seems as though no one even notices that the huge step forward that was First Class is immediately followed up by trying to prove the old films are just as good.  They are not.

After that long rant I will say that I actually like the film.  I would have preferred to see Bishop as the main character.  Seeing him sidelined for Hugh Jackman is depressing after watching him carry these films for like the 6th time, but practice makes perfect.  Overall its a decent film, I am just personally distracted by the fact it took 14 years for Singer to marginally do what Vaghn with a single chance.  Imagine if he had 14 years to flesh out the Universe.  You know what, never mind.
LocoCrazyy Says:
Hah nice one and I agree. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the film, and usually the "We're in the past! Now the future....but the present IS the futuuuuuuure!" *dramatic key tone*. Anyway, It was easy..ish to follow and I think how they executed the movie was good for future X-men movies.
mogamu Says:
lol @Loco

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