Warframe: Warframe - Detonating PUNCH!

Warframe - Detonating PUNCH!

Entropy Detonation, Prisma Obex, Valkyr and lots of punching!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- http://twitch.tv/mogamu -- http://twitter.com/mogamu -- https://instagram.com/mogamu/ -- https://discord.gg/UqGaVqF -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get my Chibi-Ninja spray glyph in game! (Art by Yuikami) https://www.warframe.com/promocode PC Glyphs Sorry I am out of these. feel free to pick through my archive of used codes to see if they were all redeemed. Tip: RIGHT CLICK a cell to copy it. https://goo.gl/F8uJcG PS4 Glyphs F693-E2B7-EF44-1681 9414-A39B-B784-3EB5 Almost out...send help plez XBOX1 Glyphs 12F7-366B-F159-AB1E 95A1-B159-485E-76F1 312B-B0BF-04D8-BB0C 61D9-7FAF-9913-6331 94DE-C48F-7D4B-D4A3 I dont know how much longer I can stretch these lol

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